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“ Art buyers are everywhere…”

From A Gallery without Walls:
Selling Art in Alternative Venues

(ArtNetwork Press) by Margaret Danielak
North Light Book Club — Featured Alternate Selection


One-on-One Consultations with Art Rep and Author, Margaret Danielak

  • Are you spending a fortune to market your art?
  • Do you believe that art buyers only buy art from traditional art galleries?
  • Are you depressed because you cannot get into a gallery or have had a bad experience with one?

You are not alone...

My goal is to give you the knowledge and confidence to sell your artwork—with or without traditional gallery representation. Learn how to prepare your work for sale, create an effective portfolio and promote your artwork on a limited budget.

As the daughter of artists, with twelve years of experience as an artist representative, I understand your concerns and will help you achieve your goals.

HOURLY RATE: $150.00 per hour (1 hour minimum, phone consultations are available)

To schedule a career consultation please contact Margaret Danielak at 626-354-0359 or via email at Margaret.Danielak@gmail.com.

Selling Art in Alternative Venues

By Margaret Danielak

Includes a special section with sales strategies for mature artists!

North Light Book Club — Featured Alternate Selection

“The self-promotional opportunities have never been more accessible or more intriguing as they are in today’s world, and A GALLERY WITHOUT WALLS will help you make the most of them.” —North Light Books

“This book is perfect for the emerging artist…of any age.” – June S.

Workshops for Fine Artists

“The most practical workshop I’ve ever attended…and the most helpful.”
— Pauline Ruddock (Award winning artist and teacher)

“You gave relevant, specific information such as contact names, websites, etc. You are very interactive and welcome questions. Finally, you provide practical experience in selling the artwork (with roll playing exercises) that was very valuable!” —Linda Miller (Emerging Artist)

I enjoy conducting workshops! Ideally, workshops are scheduled from 9:30 am until 3:30 pm (one day) with a ½ hour break in the middle of the day. Other arrangements can be made to accommodate art guilds, art school students with busy schedules, and existing college art classes.

Read below to get a feel for the content of my workshops…

Workshop Overview:

  • Evaluate what you are selling. Describe what you are selling by verbally describing your artwork, and then writing an effective artist statement and biography.
  • To whom are you selling? Do you know who your buyer is? Create a “buyer profile” in class.
  • Where and how are you selling your artwork? Want more ideas? Learn about alternative venues for selling your art – with tips on how to book the space and plan the big sales event.
  • Market your work cost-effectively. Learn the most cost effective ideas to market your art!
  • Sell any time, any place. Want to learn how to sell your art any time, any place? Learn how to set up and maintain a merchant account to achieve greater sales.
  • Practice selling your art! Want to have the unique opportunity to practice selling your art? Participate in a roll-playing exercise where you will try to sell your own artwork to a potential collector. This will take place in the non-threatening workshop environment. Find out if you are “shooting yourself in the foot” during a sale.
  • Close the sale. Learn how to overcome the most common buyer objections in order to “close” the sale.
  • Generate future sales. Want to sell your art in the future? Did you know that 80% of your future sales will come from pre-existing clients? Learn how to follow up with your “sacred” clients to achieve even greater sales!

GROUP RATE: (35 person maximum)
$ 500 flat rate in the Los Angeles, California vicinity
$ 4,000 flat rate in other areas of the United States, including all expenses

Contact Margaret Danielak at 626-354-0359 or email Margaret.Danielak@gmail.com to schedule a workshop. Please include your name, phone number, email address and the date(s) you would like to sponsor a workshop or class and we will get right back to you.